Zumba Class Helps Arc Clients Get Fit & Have Fun

One of our goals at The Arc of Atlantic County is to promote good health and fitness every chance we can.  With the fitness dance class Zumba taking over the nation the past few years, last year staff introduced the class to our clients through Adult Evening Classes and in our ATC, a day program for adults with developmental disabilities.

For the past year, ATC participants have been enjoying weekly Zumba classes hosted in The Arc of Atlantic County’s multipurpose room with help from a DVD.  As fun as that was for the participants, we knew they’d have much more fun in a community-based Zumba class with a real instructor.  Recently, the group had the chance to move their Zumba classes outside of the agency to Good Shepherd Methodist Church in Northfield, NJ for a chance to Zumba with other community members and a certified instructor.

Zumba instructor Michelle Gano, who teaches at Good Shepherd and also hosts our Zumba Adult Evening Class at The Arc several times a year, was more than willing to help our ATC clients throughout the month of August by inviting them to classes at Good Shepherd.  Kathi Lentz, The Arc’s operations director of family support, paid the class a visit today and got some great video of the group showing off their moves.  Watch this clip to see how The Arc’s clients have mastered so many of the Zumba moves, and how fitness helps bring people of all abilities together! (P.S. We’re looking for another site to host Zumba classes in the community once August is over – if you have information that could help us, please contact Kathi Lentz at klentz@arcatlantic.org or 609-485-0800 ext. 164.)


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