Dancing Queen Michelle Guerro Wins Competition at Night Fever Dance Club

By Nicole Terzakis, Social Services Director

Michelle Guerro is a natural performer, and if you’ve been to any of our Spotlight Players Club’s performing arts shows, you probably remember her.  In May 2011 in The Arc Goes Hollywood, Michelle performed Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”, complete with a feather boa that she used to taunt her suitors.  In 2008, she was Black-eyed Susan in the play, “Magic in Me”.  In fact, Michelle has been in every performance since the club was founded in 2007!

Michelle had a chance to show off her skills in a different venue last Friday night when a group of Arc staff and service recipients went to the Night Fever Dance Club at Resorts in Atlantic City, a 1970s/80s club, to celebrate Michelle’s birthday.

That night there happened to be a dance contest and all of the service recipients who attended competed. The winner was decided by who received the most applause.  There was no doubt that night that our very own Michelle was the big winner! She was the belle of the ball and everyone in the club cheered and yelled and clapped for her. She was so excited. There were other people who entered the contest who did not have disabilities who were pretty good, but as you can see from the photos, Michelle just jumped out there and pulled out every move she has.

I must say that every time that I go there with people we support, no one treats them any differently.  It is so important to the individuals that we support that get to be just like everyone else and Night Fever seems to make that happen. People want to be a part of the community and participate in activities outside of The Arc. It helps to build self esteem and self confidence in the people that we support.

The rest of the Arc group did a fabulous job and certainly gave Michelle a run for her money, but since she was the big winner AND the birthday girl, this post is all about Michelle. Way to go, girl!!

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