Celebrate Direct Support Professionals Week!

In honor of Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Week (September 11-17) The Arc of Atlantic County pays tribute to our 200 employees who work side by side with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to help them live, learn, work and play in our communities. They are our job coaches, family support associates, residential staff, case managers, and others who work every day to:

  • Build trusting relationships with the people they support
  • Help people with their most intimate needs, every day, through a broad range of supports
  • Help people stay connected to their families and their communities
  • Enable people to live meaningful, productive lives
  • Enable people to live in communities like everyone else, instead of institutions
  • And so much more…

On Wednesday, in all issues of the Press of Atlantic City’s Hometown section, The Arc will run this ad featuring the names of every Direct Support Professional in our employment.  Please take a moment to share your appreciation to our DSPs by leaving a comment below!


7 thoughts on “Celebrate Direct Support Professionals Week!

  1. I have the best staff I could ever ask for. They each bring something special to all of our programs. They are very attentive to all of the children’s needs. The children love them. Thanks guys for making my job easy and keep up the good work!!!

  2. I cannot adequately express how much I admire and respect The Arc’s direct support professionals. They are so caring, respectful and considerate of the people we support. They embody the mission of the organization. Thank you for all you do to help people live the lives they choose.

  3. Thank you to all the Direct Support Professionals who commit themselves every day to the vision of helping people have the opportunities and supports they need to live the lives they choose. Please know that your dedication and commitment is appreciated.

  4. What impresses me most about The Arc’s staff is the character of their relationships with the individuals in their care. Rather than being Care-givers they are more like family sharing joys and sorrows as brother to sister or parent to child. This willingness to get personal never ceases to surprise or touch me.

  5. Thank-you to all who serve and strive to give the best possible service they can! Thank-you for giving people the opportunities and supports to live their lives. Without you nothing is possible, with you the sky is the limit.

  6. to all DSP’s everywhere. as we all know, its not the easiest job. and im sure 99% of us are not in it for that reason. i know i speak for more the myself when I say we LOVE that fulfilling feeling we get. There’s absolutly NO FEELING in the world like when you assist and individual with an i/dd achieve something that years ago someone told them was not possible. Being in the field a short two years, i’ve seen our guys accomplish SO much that so many people would have counted them out for. It’s a true example of anything is possible. It’s indescribable knowing that your job matters to someone. It’s a field where you learn the meaning of hardwork, dedication, and drive. There’s been times where things have gotten really, really difficult and i myself have questioned if this field is for me. and just when i thought about giving up because something was “SO challanging,” i remember my promise to the guys we support. They count on you not to just ” give up.” and we owe it to them not too. Alot of the guys have NEVER had a solid support, have never had a group of people in their corner, advocating for them and assisting them in reaching their goals. Everyone deserves that. Were not in it for the money, the recognition, the “perfect” days, or anything. Were in it because we have a passion to help support the individuals we serve. This agency and the people we support have taught me SO much about people feelings, rights, respect, ect. The consumers are not the lucky ones to have DSP’s..the DSP’s are the lucky ones to get the opportunity to impact the lives of so many truly AMAZING individuals.

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