Scoring Points for Inclusion – Jake Makes a Basket!

Yesterday The Arc’s communications intern Art Sarnese joined Family Support Coordinator Lori D’Alessio on a trip to visit The Arc campers at Camp By the Sea in Margate. Art brought along a video camera to help capture some of the activities at camp that day.  We’ll post some of the photos and video he took at camp next week, but this awesome video of Jake playing basketball with his bunk-mates deserves a blog post of its own. Watch this 30-second video below of Jake as he helps his teammates and scores a basket! Inclusion is the goal of our summer camp program, and we think you’ll agree that this video shows how important inclusion is both to kids like Jake and to all children.  And of course, if this video inspires you – please make a donation in support of our summer camp program (add ‘summer camp‘ in special instructions) and leave us a comment!

2 thoughts on “Scoring Points for Inclusion – Jake Makes a Basket!

  1. I love it…this brightened my day. I haven’t been feeling well since Thursday, and this made me smile (Im too tired to giggle at how cute this is!)

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